Youth project is the innovative training solution design for young athletes. It consist in different types of structures that allow the child to train the basic motor patterns typical of growth. Age 6-12.
The Youth Project is an innovative training program designed for young athletes aged 6-12, focusing on developing basic motor patterns crucial during growth. MyEquilibria's products for this project are not just children's play equipment but are specifically engineered to enhance athletic capabilities in kids. Through activities like movement, jumping, climbing, and proprioceptive stimulation, these structures help in strengthening and refining essential motor skills. This approach not only fosters physical development, including strength, coordination, and balance, but also makes the process engaging and fun, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age.

Total Circuit

Total Circuit represents the complete solution for stimulating the child in all basic motor patterns.

Dimensions: 145sqm – 1561sqft | Fitness Stages: 12 | People: Up to 30

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