Wellness is where the path of fitness embraces the nourishment of the soul, a real journey where self-discovery begins.
Wellness is a holistic journey where fitness intertwines with the enrichment of the soul, marking the beginning of self-discovery. It's a multi-dimensional approach that includes a holistic aspect, focusing on mental and emotional well-being alongside physical fitness. Stretching is another crucial element, aimed at enhancing flexibility, reducing muscle tension, and providing mental relaxation. Additionally, the integration of choreography and yoga brings a unique blend of rhythmic movement and ancient practices, aiding in the harmonization of mind and body. Our approach to wellness is about achieving a balanced state of being, nourishing both the body and the soul.

Holistic Circuit

Holistic Circuit is specifically designed for those who practice Yoga and Meditation, with three Wellness Stones that combine functional and social value.

Dimensions: 36sqm – 388sqft | Fitness Stages: 6 | People: Up to 8

Stretching Circuit

Designed for all those who want to enjoy a moment of well-being during the day and suitable for all ages, Stretching Circuit is perfect for stimulating daily moments aimed at personal well-being.

Dimensions: 16sqm – 172sqft | Fitness Stages: 4 | People: Up to 8

Choreography & Yoga

A tribute to the “selfie generation”: Choreography & Yoga Circuit embodies the ability of reflective surfaces to create a new social language that encourages interaction and freedom of expression.

Dimensions: 47sqm – 506sqft | Fitness Stages: 4 | People: Up to 8

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