Performance Fitness

Performance Fitness embodies the fusion of calisthenics and functional training. These disciplines offer an effective method for enhancing strength, coordination, and cardiovascular health.
Performance Fitness is an all-encompassing workout regimen that merges calisthenics with functional training. Calisthenics, centered around bodyweight exercises, targets strength, agility, and flexibility. In contrast, functional training enhances coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health by replicating everyday movements. MyEquilibria's products have been specifically designed to improve overall physical strength, coordination, and cardiovascular efficiency. This integration makes Performance Fitness a highly effective method for holistic physical development, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive approach to fitness that caters to various aspects of physical health.

Full Functional Tree

Full Tree Functional is pure functional art. It combines the most popular stages of MyEquilibria trees to provide a complete outdoor gym, designed to challenge all major muscle groups. Designed by Vito di Bari.

Dimensions: 100sqm – 645sqft | Fitness Stages: 13 | People: Up to 26

MyBeast Beach Club

MyBeast Beach Club optimizes the training space, providing a real “alpha-breed workout equipment” in less than seven meters.

Dimensions: 42sqm – 452sqft | Fitness Stages: 7 | People: Up to 14

MyStage Functional

Different workout stages in a single and compact solution. With its massive design, MyStage represent a multi workout station based on calisthenics and functional training. MyEquilibria accessories complete the fitness experience.

Dimensions: 60sqm – 645sqft | Fitness Stages: 13 | People: Up to 26

Soft Functional Circuit

Soft Fitness represents an approach to physical activity that focuses on gentle and low-impact movements. Soft Functional Circuit is designed to be suitable for beginners as it emphasizes safety and comfort, focusing on form, technique and encouraging mindfulness.

Dimensions: 50sqm – 538sqft | Fitness Stages: 8 | People: Up to 16

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