For all the seniors who would like to exercise but are discouraged by age, Longevity “safely frees” physical movements for a complete satisfaction wellness experience.
“Longevity” empowers seniors, especially those over 60 and not accustomed to regular exercise, to safely engage in physical activities. MyEquilibria's products are specifically designed for this age group, facilitating safe and effective training of basic movements. With four different types of seats, these products ensure that seniors can exercise comfortably, regardless of their fitness levels. This approach not only enhances physical mobility and strength but also promotes overall wellness, making exercise accessible and enjoyable for seniors at any age.

Silver Age Circuit

A wellness circuit with five different seats designed for physical movement, which allows seniors and non-active people to exercise in safety, with complete satisfaction.

Dimensions: 36sqm – 388sqft | Fitness Stages: 5 | People: Up to 10

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