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Our philosophy

Inspiring people leading an outdoor fitness lifestyle.

MyEquilibria has its roots in the bond between nature, human innovation and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
Our products represent the evolution of outdoor fitness, characterized by a unique design, cutting-edge production technologies and a focus on eco-sustainability.

Redefining the workout experience integrating design, technological innovation and functional training.

MyEquilibria structures address your instincts and adapt to your personal fitness levels and goals. Each equipment has been designed to maximize muscle toning during your workout, combining the most effective exercises from nine different disciplines. MyEquilibria represents a way to challenge your body, strengthen your will and arm yourself with confidence.

Wellness & Lifestyle

Wellness it’s not only about staying fit. It’s also about achieving a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being that allows you to achieve your goals, stay healthy, and lead a more engaging, more satisfying, and more harmonious life.
The beauty of MyEquilibria instinctive training system is its universality.

Design & Science

Great design is intuitive. It speaks to the body, liberates new possibilities, fuels energy and drives actions.
MyEquilibria design and engineering teams have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the maximum safety and durability of each installation, without detracting from its elegance and clean, minimalistic look and feel.
The textures, forms and materials, have been studied to trigger the body’s fundamental instinct to stay active.
It is design that speaks directly to the body.
It is design that removes any subconscious inhibitions towards wellness.
It is design that helps to build the momentum to exercise.