Environmental, Social and Governance

At MyEquilibria, the design of our outdoor fitness equipment is driven by inspiration from nature, ensuring high quality and safety through rigorous certifications. We collaborate with selected partners to ensure our products meet the highest industry standards.

Certified Safety and Quality




hEN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 CERTIFICATION


Our company is recognized for its commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability: these certifications attest to our dedication to environmental responsibility, excellence in manufacturing processes, employee safety and well-being, compliance of our facilities, and our ethical and sustainable operations. Together, these recognitions reflect our continuous aspiration for excellence and improvement in every area of our activity.

Clean Energy and Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment is evident in all processes of our business, from the choice of energy sources to the sustainable management of the production chain.

The transition to 100% renewable energy, certified by REPOWER, marks a significant commitment to reducing environmental impact. Over 7.500 solar panels cover our production facilities, generating a peak production of 1.9MW and ensuring an annual production of 2.100.000 kWh.

Dimmable LED lighting automatically adjusts to natural light, reducing energy consumption and
contributing to an annual reduction of 850 tons of CO2.

Responsibility in the Supply Chain

The controlled supply chain for the proper disposal of stainless steel and concrete highlights our responsibility towards the life cycle of the materials used. The use of cardboard in packaging, consisting of 80% recycled materials, further underscores our commitment to a circular and sustainable economy.

Social Dimension

The social dimension is an essential element for MyEquilibria, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of young people and employees. We aim for a balance between work and personal life, moving up the exit time to 17:30 to enrich employees' leisure time. We offer services aimed at well-being, such as a company canteen that offers balanced meals and an accessible outdoor gym, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, we have outdoor offices and workstations to promote a dynamic and stimulating work environment in contact with nature. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of our employees, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere.


Through these certifications and initiatives, MyEquilibria is committed to offering not only high-quality outdoor fitness equipment but also sustainable solutions that respect the environment and promote a greener and healthier future for everyone. Our goal is to inspire individuals and communities to live an active lifestyle in harmony with nature, while ensuring the safety and sustainability of our operations.

Join us on this extraordinary journey