Performance Fitness Indoor

Performance Fitness Indoor embodies the perfect fusion of calisthenics and functional training, tailored for the refined indoors. Crafted with precision and an eye for design and performance, these products serve as a powerhouse for boosting strength and coordination.
Performance Fitness Indoor represents the epitome of elegance and functionality in fitness, blending calisthenics and functional training for a sophisticated indoor experience. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these products stand out for their exceptional quality and unique finishes. They are not just fitness equipment but a fusion of art and design, enhancing the aesthetic of any space while providing a superior workout experience. This collection is a testament to the power of combining form and function, offering an unparalleled journey in strength and coordination enhancement, all within the beauty of high-end design.

MyBeast Beach Club Power Rack

MyBeast Beach Club Power Rack optimizes the training space, providing a real “alpha-breed workout station” in less than 7 meters. Power Rack stage is a key addition to enhance training performance.

Dimensions: 26sqm – 280sqft | Fitness Stages: 9 | People: Up to 14


Designed for wellness seeker and luxury lovers who aspire to a high-end well-being, MySquare represents the essence of intense, highly-focused and comprehensive training. It brings together the best of sport science, functional training and performance-driven design.

Dimensions: 6sqm – 65sqft | Fitness Stages: 7 | People: Up to 11


MyLibreria is an elegant display with a unique design, to safely store MyEquilibria fitness accessories, enhancing any interior space. This elegant shelf combines high quality materials and technologies, designed and tested by experienced engineers.

Dimensions: 8sqm – 86sqft | Fitness accessories: 23 | People: Up to 23

MyFitness Trolley

MyFitness Trolley represents the perfect compromise for those who have limited space or those who are short on time. With 4 fitness accessories, MyFitness Trolley helps you achieve your fitness goals, for a healthy lifestyle.

Dimensions: 1sqm – 10sqft | Fitness accessories: 4 | People: Up to 4

Commercial Collection