Fun & Play

Social engagement plays a crucial role in mental well-being. In a world where technology binds us, MyEquilibria offers you a chance to step away from the screen, go outside and bond with the person in the other side of the table.
MyEquilibria offers a unique approach to enhancing social engagement and mental well-being by encouraging people to step away from technology and connect in person outdoors. Their configurations include a teqball table, merging football and table tennis, a classic ping pong table for active play, and a relaxed outdoor "lounge" setting with seating and tables for chess or checkers. These diverse options cater to various interests and provide opportunities for physical activity, strategic thinking, and social interaction, promoting meaningful connections and well- being away from screens.

Table Soccer

Table Soccer is a soccer-based sport, played on a specially-curved table, which is attracting a new generation of athletes and amateur enthusiasts, whose ambition is to develop technical skills, concentration and stamina.

Dimensions: 18sqm – 194sqft | Products: 1 | People: Up to 4

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a discipline that everyone, from children to elderly, can enjoy: it helps to build strength, speed and agility, to improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Dimensions: 15sqm – 161sqft | Products: 1 | People: Up to 4


Chess represents an ancient board game: playing chess brings people together, teaches how to win and lose, develops creativity, confidence and helps to stay calm in stressful moments.

Dimensions: 18sqm – 194sqft | Products: 1 | People: Up to 4

Commercial Collection