Our Vision

To create Exclusive
Wellness by Design
for Everyone

We strive to design, craft and support our clients and our communities with the most iconic, efficient and relevant physio dynamic and ergonomic training elements in the world.

Our Mission

MyEquilibria’s mission is to empower people to achieve their physical and mental well-being with our distinctively designed, nature-inspired installations, setting a new standard in wellness and design.

We elevate training
to a unique wellness experience

Our unique training equipment solutions in addition to our digital assistant app serve a customized wellness experience

Case History

Since 2017

We craft solutions

+150 Installations

All-over the World

25 Countries

in 5 Continents

Emirate Palace Mandarin Oriental | Abu Dhabi

Five Palm Jumeirah | Dubai

Five Luxe JBR | Dubai

Cocoon Maldives Resort | Maldives​

Lux Grand Baie | Mauritius

The Henley Kay Tak | Hong Kong

Silversands Beach House | Grenada

One&Only Le Saint Geran | Mauritius

Stella Hotel Crete | Greece

Hanley's Farm | Queenstown, NZ

Virgin Voyages Cruises | USA

Fountain Life | Naples, Florida

Where Made in Italy
meets Bespoke Outdoor Wellness

Our “bespoke manufacts” represent the evolution of outdoor fitness design, characterized by unique forms, ergonomics, functionalities as well as the most advanced technologies for production and durability.

Awards & Nominations

Beautiful forms follow functions

Design meets Science

Performance Fitness Outdoor

Performance Fitness embodies the fusion of calisthenics and functional training. These disciplines offer an effective method for enhancing strength, coordination, and cardiovascular health.


Wellness is where the path of fitness embraces the nourishment of the soul, a real journey where self-discovery begins.


For all the seniors who would like to exercise but are discouraged by age, Longevity “safely frees” physical movements for a complete satisfaction wellness experience.

Fun & Play

Social engagement plays a crucial role in mental well-being. In a world where technology binds us, MyEquilibria offers you a chance to step away from the screen, go outside and bond with the person in the other side of the table.

Performance Fitness Indoor

Performance Fitness Indoor embodies the perfect fusion of calisthenics and functional training, tailored for the refined indoors. Crafted with precision and an eye for design and performance, these products serve as a powerhouse for boosting strength and coordination.

MyEquilibria Team

The Perfect Partner
for an Ergonomic Design Studio

Exclusive designs are created by a team of global experts and researchers in architecture, fitness, medicine, meditation, technology.


and Engineers





Our Active Design Studio
is at your disposal to be involved in Your Next Project

Functional Fitness Design for Everyone with a solid production timeline guarenteed







At the crossroads of elegance and functionality, our collection of fitness equipment is not just about working out; it’s about experiencing the synergy of innovative design and performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and proudly bearing the “Made in Italy” hallmark, our products are a testament to luxury, durability, and cutting-edge technology.

Whether it’s for a bustling hospitality hub, the tranquility of a residential setting, the dynamic atmosphere of modern gyms, the professional backdrop of corporate spaces, the exclusivity of private establishments, or the majestic aura of cruise ships, our equipment seamlessly integrates into every environment. Beyond their captivating aesthetics, they offer unparalleled customization options to reflect the identity and ethos of each segment, ensuring a perfect blend with the ambiance. Elevate your fitness journey with equipment that doesn’t just meet standards but sets them. Embrace a world where design meets dedication, and style meets substance.


Innovative Materials and Customizable Finishes

Excellence from the Ground for Durability and Easy Customization

MyEquilibria App

Different level of training expertise via a digital training app
MyEquilibria App
Play Video
Play Video

Wellness Park

Explore the most popular MyEquilibria parks and start your workout, easily reach our parks with the geolocation feature, choose your favorite exercises and improve your skills with +1000 video tutorials.

Fitness Level

Find exercises suited to your abilities. MyEquilibria App gives you a choice of 4 different levels of workout difficulty. Whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, you will always find the right workout for you.

Muscolar Groups

Choose the muscle group you want to train with the right video tutorials. Our video libraries give you the opportunity to create your own workout, also based on specific muscles.

Master Trainers

Do you think one of our personal trainers reflects your body or abilities? Within the “master trainer” section you can choose to watch all the exercises performed by your favorite coach.


Safety First Certified

EU and US Safety Compliant


ISO EN 20957-1:2013
ISO EN 16630:2015


ASTM F3101-15
ASTM F2571-15
All equipment has been designed to allow safe training, in terms of fall heights and wind resistance. To guarantee user safety, placing antishock material underneath the equipment is mandatory wherever there is a fall height risk. The thickness of the layer of antishock material depends on the nature of the material itself and on the fall height. All our products comply with EU and US safety regulations.

Commercial Collection