The Vision

A Symphony of Fitness and Art

Imagine a world where fitness and art coexist harmoniously, where every space becomes a canvas for health and beauty. This is the world MyEquilibria is crafting. A world where fitness is not just an activity but an integral part of the environment, seamlessly woven into the fabric of everyday life. This is the story of MyEquilibria – a narrative of passion, innovation, and art. It’s not just the story of a company but a movement that redefines the relationship between fitness, nature, and design.

The Mission

Crafting Customized Fitness Landscapes

MyEquilibria’s tale is about being more than a provider; it’s about being a partner in creating personalized fitness landscapes. Whether in public parks or private estates, MyEquilibria tailors its solutions to meet diverse needs, from functional training to holistic disciplines, offering a bespoke fitness experience.

The Birth

An Independent Vision

In the heart of Italy, MyEquilibria began as a dream, a vision to revolutionize the fitness experience. It wasn’t merely about creating fitness equipment; it was about crafting a new way to interact with fitness, nature, and art. MyEquilibria laid its foundation with creativity and innovation, later finding a strong industrial partnership with the Italian companies Metalco and Bellitalia, that now are part of the newly established Agora Makers group. This partnership empowered MyEquilibria to enhance its offerings, combining its unique vision with their expertise in outdoor environments and materials.

The Craftsmen

A Team of Visionaries

The narrative of MyEquilibria is enriched by its people – a team of visionaries, collectively holding over 50 years of experience in fitness. Their expertise transcends the realm of ordinary fitness equipment through strong partnership with top trainers, exercise physiologists and sports medicine experts, focusing on scientific research to ensure that each design is not only a spectacle of beauty but also in harmony with the human body.

Crafting the Future of Fitness

The MyEquilibria Journey

In the vibrant landscape of Italian innovation, a unique story unfolds – the story of MyEquilibria. Born with a pioneering spirit, MyEquilibria started its journey in 2017, not just as a new chapter in the fitness industry, but as a visionary fusion of art, nature, and design.

Join us on this extraordinary journey